Monday, November 13, 2006

Take that, Earth Day

I saw this logo on a box full of latex caulk that was left on my porch this afternoon. The painters are coming tomorrow to rub their caulk on my exterior wood trim prior to painting. Caulk fills all the holes in the wood, you know. I hope they keep their caulk off my patio furniture and grill. They need to understand that if either of my dogs have caulk on them when I get home tomorrow, there will be hell to pay.

I'm confident that these guys are professionals and that they know where to put their caulk. I just question the graphic designers working for Sherwin Williams who thought that this was a good idea for a logo. Let's just hope that its a universal logo that they put on all their products, not just their caulk. Covering Earth with paint is acceptable, covering it with caulk is not.


twisted panties said...

latex. caulk. I guess they won't need protection.

Woodrow said...

You should go pheasant hunting with us next year. You'll fit right in.