Thursday, December 07, 2006

Boring computer stuff

My afternoon was free today. Rather than surfing for the latest news on Britney's underwear situation, I decided to experiment with an application that makes computer generated drawings look hand-drawn.

Our clients often look at computer drawings and freak out because they don't understand that a drawing is just a graphic representation of an idea. We use drawings because it is much easier to dispose of a bad idea on paper rather than trying to get rid of a bad idea in the form of a large quantity of concrete. Still, the hard, cold lines generated by the computer seem so "final" and they panic.

I've got a meeting next week with a client where we will present the first set of drawings. I'm going to see if this new approach to graphic presentation has any effect on the productivity of our conversation. Will they "get it?" Will they understand that this is only a meeting to get their feedback on my initial design response and not a "here you go, this is can't change anything" meeting?

These folks are Italian immigrants who speak English poorly at best. I think I've killed the brain cells that were in charge of my grasp of the Italian language. Fortunately, they have an interpreter to help us out. I'm sure it will be a meeting full of sign language and lots of drawing to communicate ideas. It should be fun.

Oh yea, they have asked for a Renaissance villa style garden. I think we got the contract because of the time I spent in studying in Italy and my ability to recall details from some of their favorite examples. Thanks mom and dad for footing that bill...I swear, I studied the entire time I was there...and its finally paying off!

Back to the boring computer stuff.

Before handy dandy computer program:

And after:

Yes, its far from complete and I'm still jacking with it, but I still think that this is the coolest thing since google earth in combination with google's free 3D modeling software.

Sue me. Geek stuff amuses me when I'm away from Molly the Dog and Tess-a-Mess. I like my job. Sometimes, when everyone in the office isn't complaining about something (just for the sport of it) its actually kind of fun. I think I enjoy coloring days the most. My markers smell good!


Snow White said...

I love to color! If only a box of 64 would hold their points!

Chickenhawk said...

Hey that's a cool program. Pardon my nerdness, but what's it called and where'd you get it? :-)

Adam said...

Its called Squiggle 6. Its available for purchase at several places on the internet, but I found this site that offers a free 30 day trial...nerd on!