Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, that's just perfect

I'm beginning the process of getting the dogs (and myself) all ready for a road trip in a couple of days. I'm homeward bound to share some Christmas cheer with my family and some old friends. There was to be much relaxing by the fire with my freakishly large headed nephew tugging on dogs ears and tails.

Right on cue, Tess throws me a curve ball. Tonight, little Miss Tess became a "woman," so she won't be invited into my parents house this Christmas. She'll have to stay her kennel and be miserable. No jacking around with our back door neighbor's strapping and handsome Goldens, no unadulterated joy of running wild and free off the leash, and no retrieving duck decoys from the mighty Concho River. Yea, Christmas is going to suck for Tess. Molly, however, is still invited to enjoy all the festivities.

Well, off to Wal-Mart to get some little boy underwear for Tess to wear during her special time. While I wait in line, I'll plan my birds and bees talk. I'll have plenty of time to ponder it. There will be two people in front of me slowly writing checks hoping that it won't clear until pay day, and no less than three others who are operating the credit/debit card interface for the first time in their lives.

"Ma'am, its upside down. Flip it over. Swipe it the other way like it shows on the picture. Nope, the other way. Are you using your Walgreens Frequent Shopper card? You are killing me. Give me the card...dammit. I'll do it for you."


always kris said...

Just once I would LOVE to go to Walmart with you! Sounds like an adventure every time you go. I work in "banking", so I am rolling on the floor laughing at the debit card! I feel so sorry for Tess! Have a Merry Christmas Adam and be careful on your trip home and back.

Duly Inspired said...

Those check writers who don't even reach for their checkbook until the total is displayed on the register? Don't worry about them, they're all congregating in front of me this year. Bless Tess and her timing.

Golden Dreams said...

That's why I have boys. We just cut that stuff off.

LMAO!! :)

Miss Fire said...

"'ll be a woman...soon..."

But not yet! Ah, mother nature has no sense of timing.

I think that was my mother at Wal-Mart. Seriously. She's so embarassing.

Merry Christmas from me to you, and from my dogs to yours!