Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just Golden...and Poodle?

A while back, Poodle came into my life. Poodle and Tess are mortal enemies. They don't get any alone time together. Before Poodle, Tess never dug in the back yard. Now its a daily thing. I now know why. Turns out that you can try to bury Schnauzers too.

What does Molly think of Poodle and Schnauzer? She likes Schnauzer. Molly sure can take the Schnauzer down...Tess can too. Sometimes its embarrassing to watch though. Ahh, that's better Molly!

My Christmas wish is that Poodle, Schnauzer , Golden and Golden can learn to live in peace and harmony like old times....back before Poodle and Tess developed their rocky relationship.

Y'all have a great Christmas. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Apparently I'll be having a great time with my smelly, unshowered family. (The FEMA check will make it an extra special Christmas.)


Woodrow said...

"I don't have any money. I don't have anything except the Lord."

I know it's not funny, but I could NOT keep from laughing at that.

always kris said...

That was the line that stuck out in my head too. Isnt that how we all live??? lol