Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is what happens when I get bored

So, I had a little down time at work today. I thought to myself...I don't buy enough toilet paper or frozen meat in bulk. I should get a Sam's Club membership. I clicked on over to the website and looked at the different membership options. Apparently, non-business members can only shop at certain times of the day. But, what if I need 100 rolls of personal bathroom tissue at 7:30 in the morning? A Sam's business member could make that happen.

I click over to the business memberships. What's this? A free website is included with membership? And I can shop at any time of day? Sign me up! They did.

I've been kicking around the idea of starting a moonlighting business for the past year or so. You see, there are some things that I can do that other people might be willing to pay me for. I never get to do architectural renderings, graphic design or photo simulations as a part of my 8-5 job. Design/construction budgets rarely have monies to support such services.

Here's my thought...without any ethical conflicts, I could, for a fee, provide a service offering architectural renderings of existing homes, businesses, landmarks and skylines. You know, drawings fit to hang over the toilet. Heck, I would even Photoshop the strippers out of bachelor party photos. I have no idea where this will lead. Of course, any design related endeavors would be directed to my 8-5 job.

The name of the new massive profit scheme? Studio AUreo. What does that mean? Glad you asked...roughly translated it is "the studio having the color of gold." The name was chosen with help of my board of directors who were unavailable for comments.

Well, off to register with the Secretary of State! And to think, all this was prompted by a desire to purchase frozen meat and bathroom tissue by the truckload.


Woodrow said...

On principle, I will NEVER pay a store to shop there. What the fuck? I wonder what my customers would say if I told them that in order to do business with me in the future they would have to be members of "Woodrow's Club" and pay fifty bucks a year? Crazy.

Chickenhawk said...

Oh, there are SOOOO many reasons to start up your own business, if you have the wherewithall, and you don't mind doing some good accounting. Your house (at least a portion of it), and all the associated expenses, suddenly becomes a tax deduction! Brilliant!

always kris said...

good point woodrow. (lol this is the longest comment I have ever seen you post)

Adam said...

I think that its important to note that this post wasn't about Sam's. It was about my desire to collect massive profits doing something I do for free all the time, all while screwing Uncle Sam. He's already got a firm grip on my back pocket, and unfortunately, not in a gay way. If flirting worked with the IRS, I'd be all over it.