Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Congratulations are in order

Growing up, my mom always served dinner on this plate to the child who came home with straight A's, got baptized, had a birthday or did anything else out of the ordinary (for good).

If I had one of those plates, Tess would be dining off it tonight. Today was her first full day as a trustworthy member of the household. I gave her full access to the back yard, kitchen and living room all day while I was away earning money to pay for dog food.

I've been, with help, trying to make my home a little more "homey." Its hard to complete such a task with a huge dog pen occupying the dining room. Tonight, the pen goes to the garage to wait for the next puppy.

Feel free to celebrate this momentous occasion how you see fit. Me, I'll probably put them outside while I remove the pen. Then just before I let them back in, I'll open a beer and put in a bag of microwave popcorn and sit back and watch Tess' head explode while she tries to figure out all the changes and where that confounded popping sound is coming from.

Molly, you get the Red Plate when you get your therapy dog credentials. Sorry, but we have to set the bar a little higher for you.

Updated: In the process of trying to take a piture of the void that was Tess' home during business hours, I also captured one of her when she finally understood the "stay" command. Needless to say, Molly's butt was glued to the floor while Tess was getting "sit/stay." Bless both their hearts. Red Plates for both of them.


always kris said...

As always, I love all the pictures. The one of Molly is absolutely beautiful.

always kris said...

and congratulations on getting "your" house back. I can relate the feeling to the day I finally got to put the baby highchair away or remove the playpen from the living room.