Thursday, April 12, 2007

Her Majesty

I have no idea how she does it, but good ole Molly always seems to scramble to find a sunny spot and pose when she sees the camera come out. That other dog, not so much. It's been said that the only thought that ever goes through Tess' mind is a sound clip of "Walkin' on Sunshine" on repeat mode. I tend to agree. Oh well...The good news is that Tess has other talents. She is very adept at catching balls that I throw on the roof. Does she wait for it to roll off and calmly make the catch? Heck no...where is the drama in that?

The elusive "back flip catch" will have to wait for another day. The mosquitoes were killing me!

Sshhhhh. The acrobat needs her rest if you are ever going to see a back flip. While they are sleeping, how about checking out almost the exact same video from Tess' younger days. This was before she learned how to leap with style. I always tell her that she is a good girl, seriously, but does she listen? The jury is still out.


Golden Dreams said...

I laughed my ass off at those two pictures. OMG...priceless. I used to play that ball game with Fenway. He loved it. The twins aren't bright enough. Once it falls from the roof it would scare Ferris and Cameron wouldn't be interested in the ball that fell, but would be looking to see if any more would be falling from the sky. They are just smart like that! LOL

Burg said...

That pic of Tess cracked me up!

Gretchen is always hanging her tongue out the side of her mouth like that..

always kris said...

The pictures of Molly and Tess look like before and after pictures from a night out of heavy drinking. That is hilarious.

Me said...

It's the first time I am reading your blog, hence the severe delay in commenting, but your dogs are beautiful and they give me a major grin on my face! Awesome!