Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Aggies will not be winning the Big XII

I just told Molly. Even added that we would not beat the hookems.

Yep, morale around here is at an all time low. Molly is still mad about last year. Don't think for a minute that the hookems have forgotten about the cheap shot at the end of the game at the last meeting.

Good news for Aggie fans though, our band is favored by 27. GO BAND!!!

Updated: Good guys: 38 vs. Bad guys: 30. Nothing like some blatant dog exploitation to fire up a team. Speaking of blatant dog exploitation, I know one girl who will be getting an extra bone tonight...On another note, after the game on the way back to home base, we walked past my old haunt, the Langford architecture building, past the sculpture in a courtyard there. It never clicked, but guess what kind of dog is also memorialized for the ages on the campus at Texas A& get 3 guesses and the first two don't count.

I can't believe I've never realized that until today.


Golden Dreams said...

Aw, they all look so pathetic! LOL Mine are smiling. One of their teams won the World Series, their other team is 9-0 the green team is 8-0. This never happens around here!

Check out the glee on our site! :)

'Mazing Amy said...

AWWWWWWW i might be getting a golden soon. He's 3, 110lbs and I want to call him Jake.

Snow White said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Aggies! Way to go Molly... you brought 'em luck!

'Mazing Amy said...

congrats to you and your Aggies!