Monday, December 31, 2007

Why did I go to work today?

For some reason, I was wide awake this morning at around 3am. I tried for about an hour to go back to sleep before I gave up and decided to start what would now be a VERY long day. I made it to my office around 7 and it soon became clear why I came to work today. I check my email and I have one from the developer of our condo project. The subject was "river rock" He attached a picture to help explain the following email:

Want to use as accents (front door entry exteriors, hardscape areas. What
about for the pool walls? I like the zen feel over the older Mexican feel. I
need you to meet me for a day in Cabo Jan 26th.

We talked briefly this morning and he has a few resorts he wants to show us so that we can get all of the details just right. Why did I go to work today? To learn that I'll be going on expense free vacation in a few weeks! Well almost expense free. It's not cheap to put Molly and Tess in jail for a few days.


CreekHiker said...

Doggie jail is so expensive. I usually get a babysitter to sleep over but with Mabel, it's so hard...she has to sleep with them!

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Duly Inspired said...

Bring Molly and Tess to Cheyenne. She'd be happy to watch/play/get into trouble with them while you're away.

Oh, and happy new year!