Monday, January 28, 2008

I made it out of Mexico alive!

What a wonderful trip. We stayed at this tiny little hotel right off the harbor. There were maybe 20 rooms, most rented long-term by American ex-patriots who decided to give up the rat race and just live to make enough money to enjoy themselves as much as possible. One guy left his four construction companies in California and Colorado because he was tired of always having to be somewhere. Now, he has a company in Cabo that sells chocolate covered bananas to restaurants and in those carts on the street!

The reason for the trip was to view and experience some of the most luxurious sites the place has to offer and bring that home to the project we are working on now. The developer we went with was at the end of a two week vacation with his wife and he was eager to have some "guy's time" when we arrived, so we were able to get a lot of input from him. The trip culminated Saturday afternoon when we met him to tour the place he was staying. It was amazing...I mean this place would make any Ritz Carlton look like a complete dump!

As the day progressed, one beer lead to another, which lead to some fine wine with dinner, which lead to more beer after...which lead to tequila late Saturday night. Apologies are in order for the couple who got to sit next to me on the plane the next day at 7:15 in the morning! I also won the flight crew lottery...they were all comedians and LOVED hearing themselves and their stale jokes on the intercom. It took great restraint not to punch the ring leader square on the nose to get him to shut up. But I digress....

At 1 in the morning, we were laughing and throwing around ideas about how we could generate interest in the project while construction is going on. We were all drawing and throwing out ideas..."big" ideas, shocking ideas. All I can say is that you are ever around Lake Conroe and see a giant turret with a huge flame coming out of the top, you'll know where it came from. There won't be any signs at the construction site to give you any information on what is going on. They pulled them all out today. We are going to make people wait and thing is for sure, they'll know its going to be special!


Anonymous said...

No mention of your girls in your first post back?

Adam said...

Mindy-I was rambling there, so I cut short the part about me returning at around noon and not being able to pick them up until 4. It was very traumatic! I just paced around the house for 4 hours...but I was there when they unlocked the doors at the kennel!