Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's all over but the cryin'

I finished up a project at about 3 this afternoon and didn't want to start anything new, so I began packing. I went through everything and made multiple trips to the dumpster. I asked my self the same question many times. "Why do I still have this?" I came across my portfolio from college that I sent out with my resume and it got me thinking...

I remember sending that portfolio out and getting calls for interviews for jobs that were paying little more than poverty wages. I remembered the day I made the decision to pursue my current means of providing dog food. I was driving back from an interview and called my partner and said..."Let's do this. We know just as much as those other guys. It can work. It will be hard at first, but IT CAN WORK." After the call, I pulled off the interstate and found the first decent looking apartment complex I could find and signed a lease. I was all in.

We began working out of our homes and the construction "empire" was housed in an r.v. storage unit that we could barely afford. The office we are moving from was such a huge step in the maturation of our business. We've had many heated arguments over design issues. We've complained about countless calls from telemarketers. We've shared a beer or two after a long week. And inside those walls, we've consoled the family of a fine young man who was killed in a freak, tragic accident.

Tomorrow will be my last day there. All I have left to pack are the essential tools and technology to have a productive morning. Come 2:00, I'll load as much as I can and take it to the new location. By noon on Saturday, I'll be gone.

It didn't hit me until today, but I'm going to miss that place.

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