Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a fun time!!!

I just got back from introducing Molly and Tess to the new office. There is about 2.5 acres fully fenced for them to explore and I think they covered every square inch in the two hours we spent there. They also got to sniff around in my portable office trailer while I hooked up computers and printers.

I also got to see something very rare at the end of our romp. On the last ball throw, Tess ran to get it and when she got it, she laid down too tired to bring it back. Molly is a smart dog, when she's tired, she just watches as the ball bounces away. Tess on the other hand will go, go, go until she can't possibly go for another second. Worn out Tess is a fun dog to be around. Is there any doubt about what they are doing at the moment? I didn't think so. Adam is pretty worn out too and will likely wake up in the morning wondering why he can barely move is arm!

Good times though...good times!

The trailer needs a name I think. Right now, I'm leaning towards "Marge," but I'm open to suggestions.


Golden Dreams said...

You have to use alliteration (yes, I am an English teacher) when naming in animate objects. My Mac is Mimi, my Razr is Rita...Maxie the Maxima...

Tammy the Trailer
Tillie the Trailer...

OK, maybe not.

I introduced mine to blowing up and playing balloons today. They look just like yours at the moment! LOL

american woman said...

Large Marge....... from the PeeWee Herman movie? May I suggest Dinky, if it's small?

Chickenhawk said...

Hey Adam-

Just got a chance to drop back in... and I'm happy to see all the new exciting stuff going on for you and the girls!!

Cooper's been a busy boy. Annie is now 18 months old and has learned that he could very well be the bestest friend she'll ever have! Things are going to change again very soon though, as Baby No. 2 will be here Feb. 15th!

Ya'll take care!