Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Golden weekend

Molly and Tess had a house guest this weekend. Their middle bother came by for a visit! Can I tell you how much fun it was? One of life's most simple pleasures is watching a couple of your good buddies enjoy a couple days with one of their good buddies.

Sure, the details of the weekend are a bit blurry because it came and went so quickly. Maybe it was because I had such a great time or maybe it was because of the copious amount of adult beverages consumed. Whatever. The reason a weekend flies by are not as important as the people (and dogs) you spend it with and the lessons you learn.

I definitely learned some lessons this weekend. Maybe I should share?
Usually after weekend parties like this I clean the house on Sunday and find all kinds of panties on the floor, random earrings on night stands, a drunk guy in the bath tub, one random stain on the floor and a few new footprints on the ceiling. This morning, after we said all the goodbyes to the strippers and flight attendants, I was only able to find one random thing left behind by a guest.

Like I said, the details are all sketchy, but the weekend sure was fun.

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