Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is the post where I think I'm going crazy

Some people see Jesus in a piece of burnt toast. Some see the Virgin Mary in some geological formation. Tonight was one of those moments for me.

Golden Retrievers have always been media whores. They love having their pictures used to sell one product or another that is aimed at those who hold traditional values and who, for the most part, stay out of trouble. Tonight, their thirst for attention took a turn they toward creepy.

I was in the garage taking the trash to the curb when I saw it. There was a moment when I had the phone in my hand calling the local orderlies in their white coats to come save me, but I thought that there was a slim chance that I was not seeing things.

Please note, there is no Photoshop involved here. I just set the camera to take a low light photo, stacked a up few coolers, put the camera on a tripod and hit the button. If I'm making this up, please call the proper authorities and notify my next of kin.

Golden Retreivers are media whores and they always will be. They will use light and and shaddows to advance their adgendas. Please tell me that I'm not crazy for seeing what I think I see right in the middle of the bag, just under the "A" in "MAX."

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that there are, infact, TWO...I repeat, TWO media whores in this possessed bag of insecticide. The second is at the top center looking down and to the right with those sad Golden eyes. It all reminds me of one of those cheesey Olin-Mills double exposure shots from the '80s.

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