Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A very simple proposal

This has been a very curious week for me. I've been waking up on time, hopping in the shower and heading off to work at the appropriate time. My morning drives have been filled with one nagging question lingering in my mind. Until today, I didn't think I would ever be able to answer that one question weighing heavily on my heart.

About half way to work I achieved a moment of true enlightenment. The signs have been there all along, but until this morning, I had not been able to put all of the pieces together. Suddenly, it be came crystal clear, and I found inner peace.

My nagging question? Simple. Where the hell is all the normal traffic and why am I going to be early to work AGAIN? You see, I don't have children of my own (or at least none that I know about.) I never received a note from school that it was Spring Break! All of the soccer moms have given their mini-vans a rest for the week and getting to and from work has been a total delight.

I do have regrets though. With nirvana, also comes self awareness. I have wasted 3 days of a perfectly good Spring break...which brings me to my proposal.

In a time of great hope and change, it is time that we demand that working people also be given one week off across the board at a time when the weather is perfect. Seriously, who can even concentrate on work when it is 78 and sunny with low humidity? Think about it, all of your adult friends in other cities and states would converge and have one heck of a party. We could dust off the beer bong and that bottle of Jagermeister that has been in your freezer for who knows how long and go cruise for chicks in cars that are operational and well maintained.

Who's with me? Our path is clear. Our destiny within our grasp. Our future is now. Our collective resolve will not be shaken. The time for action is now and together we will, once again, make this a great nation. Say it with me now...

"Yes. We. Can."

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Duly Inspired said...

I'm there! I just need a jeep, preferably an old one.