Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Aint Skeered

Those who know Molly know that her bones are sacred. For a female, I'd say Tess has a fine set of brass balls! Given all the recent changes in her young life, she's adjusting like a champ. I'd say she's fearless, energetic (in 30 minute bursts) and tonight she even retrieved that duck in the photo. Granted, I threw it only about 5 feet from her, but when she brought it back, she was praised and rewarded in kind.

Updated: You have to click on the picture...I just noticed the dueling tongues!


Nessa said...

Adam - you are KILLING me with the cuteness!! GAH! I remember the good ol' days when I had my babies. Basil was 3 when we got Penelope and she played along with him just the same...pouncing all over him, trying to get a rise - he just let her do it. They shared bones too - oh, how I miss my babies!!!!!!

Duly Inspired said...

I love those faces. And Tess' tail! Cheyenne makes those faces as well. Cracks me up every time because she's such a harmless putz!

Anonymous said...

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