Monday, August 28, 2006

Yep...I'm still kicking...

Things have been pretty slow around here lately. I know. There are a few reasons for the slow posting. First, work has been pretty hectic. We've been operating a man shy causing a logistical nightmare. Second, I've been getting back into watching movies at night. And third, Molly and Tess have been enjoying time spent with their new friends Daisy and Gatsby. I've been unable to post because they need to be chaperoned.

Funny story related to my vacation. We've been talking about taking off after lunch on the 29th and coming back to work the Monday after Labor Day. You see, I'm not the best at keeping dates straight. All the while I was assuming that the 29th was the Friday before Labor Day. Well, I was wrong. It seems that it is tomorrow! OH JOY! Maybe I'll check the calendar the next time a vacation is scheduled.

I'm not going to go anywhere. I've got a few projects I'm going to try to knock out with the time off. Who am I kidding? I'm just going to sit on the couch, drink beer and scratch!

Oh, and just so everyone knows, Tess is still a butthead and so is Molly.


kris m said...

lol, really. I love that last line, perfect.
Am I wrong in assuming that the girls' new friends, Daisy and Gatsby, probably have a female owner? And therefore that is what is leading to you watching movies at night?

Southern Fried Girl said...

And by scratch, you mean the dogs ears right?

Please say you mean their ears.