Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vacation log: Day 1

Woke up at around 6:30. Went in to the office at about 7:30. Arrived back home around 4 this afternoon after a long day of work. I've got a meeting tomorrow at 8 and a site check to do after that. If I'm not home by lunch to start a REAL vacation...Well, I won't mention the consequences just yet.

I'd be fine with almost a full work day while on vacation if it weren't for a call I got reporting on how great the fishing was going in Montana. You see, we take care of 95% of our business related transactions using Am Ex. As it turns out, there are frequent flier miles associated with each purchase. The rest of the upper management team at my place of business cashed in some miles and went to where the weather was cooler...leaving me here to run the show alone. I blame Tess for all of this. She is still too young to have all her shots so I can't take her to a kennel yet.

Its quite alright though. Let's set the record straight. There are 3 guys up in Montana enjoying some free time with people they see every day. Me, I'm back at home enjoying time away from them! Little do they know that the weather gods smiled the folks in Texas and removed the humidity and gave us a couple of degrees off the thermometer.

The best part about my "vacation" so far is that I was able to spend some quality porch time with some unruly blondes after work. I even got some decent pictures of those blondes while I enjoyed a "vacation beer" on the less hot than normal porch after work. What? You don't believe me? is proof:

Molly smiles. A refreshing change from her usual growl.
Tess gets a glamour shot. Complete with wind blowing her flowing locks.


Snow White said...

LOL You can't beat a good Texas cold front in August! Glad you're enjoying a break. And the pictures of the blondes.. GREAT!

'Mazing Amy said...

awww beautiful sweet doggies!

Miss Fire said...

What good pics! They could win a beauty contest, I tell ya.

kris m said...

Wow, what BEUATIFUL blondes. You have wonderful taste. I especially love the dirt on Tess' tongue.... how chic of her.

kris m said...

well would you believe I was an English major in college and I cant spell, I really should learn to spell check before I send

Nessa said...

kennel, shmennel - you don't have anyone that will puppysit for you???

Golden Dreams said...

Wow! They look so beautiful in those shots! Not that they aren't normally! Even Ferris had to wipe some spittle from his chin!