Monday, January 07, 2008

Things at the office were very quiet today

Normal Mondays mean that the phones start blowing up at about 8:05. Today, I was busy and didn't even realize that we didn't get one call. I kept working and waiting for the barrage to begin. Lunchtime came...still no calls. I was getting so much done. Then, it hit me. Today was the first day that the phones would be ringing at the new place.

When I finally get moved (this weekend) I will no longer be dealing with having to answer the phone. The phone won't even ring in my office unless it is first triaged and then forwarded. I know this is such a tiny little advancement, but it will benefit my productivity and creativity immensely.

I'm home tonight feeling that good feeling I get when my mind is a tired because I've been deep in thought all day. I actually earned my paycheck today because I was able to focus on what I get paid to focus on! I will miss jacking around with telemarketers though. Sometimes they call one after another and I am usually polite with the first one or two, but the third is always my favorite.

Sleep will be difficult tonight. The realization that my relationship with random callers will be severely curtailed will weigh heavy on my heart. I'll miss my conversations with "Randy" who oddly enough speaks with a heavy Middle Eastern accent. Hopefully, the pain will subside...


Golden Dreams said...

Nine voice mail messages today. All from political campaigns. New Hampshire is a beautiful state, but not every four Januaries. I am fried. I am tempted to bring the boys to downtown Manchester and streak behind Charlie Gibson as he does World News. Problem is, with two dogs in tow, who would look at me. Then again, that may not be a problem. LOL Anyway, I long for a quiet phone!!

Duly Inspired said...

Maybe he spells it Rhandi?